Introducing the PoD HoF

And some quick housekeeping updates on everything Pictures of Dives

Hello and welcome to the Pictures of Dives substack! No stories or pictures this week but instead I wanted to give some updates on PoD as well as a few shot outs to some people who make PoD the best thing on Twitter.

Running this dumb little twitter (and instagram and substack etc) has been a blast for the last 9 months (or 8 months if you don’t count that month early on where I got myself suspended for 3 and a half weeks). I am really proud of what it has become and the potential of what it could grow into as time goes on. Hopefully we’ll all get the vaccine soon and then I’ll start working on some things like Diver meetups and bar crawls. Probably in Chicago at first but if I ever get a full time job (please for the love of God, hire me) and can afford to travel again, I’m taking this show on the road for pics and pints. It would be nice to finally hang out with all of you and, more importantly, give you opportunities to buy me drinks. 

Pictures of Dives has its own website now with links to all the different PoD accounts all in one place, along with ways to get in contact with me, a place you can drop a few bucks in the metaphorical tip jar if you feel so inclined, and the PoD Hall of Fame. This has been mostly a one man show but some of you divers go above and beyond the call of duty and have really contributed to making this a fun place to hang out. If I’m the one behind the bar, these are my regulars and most reliable customers. I wanted to take some time to acknowledge them and thank them for making this thing, whatever it is, better.

@RileyScott413 - She made the PoD: Characters Welcome graphic as well as all the themed graphics for the different months/weeks of specific types of bars. She’s the best and you should check out some of her other work here.

@BroadandMarket - Have you seen the map of all the dives? It’s amazing! This was one of those things that I was always thinking I should get around to doing and then Lauren went and did it for me. Nothing better than that!

@theresonly1geno - Basically every bar in the back half of this month is from my main man Eugene. I don’t think anyone on earth loves Irish pubs as much as this guy and this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible without him sending me literally a 100 pictures of Irish pubs.

There are a ton of other followers who are consistently sending me good pictures and keep the content chugging along. Too many to name and tempting to do so would almost certainly result in leaving someone out so let me just say if you ever sent in a bar suggestion or a picture, thank you.